It could only happen in speedway

THIS wonderful sport we call speedway is full of moments that make you chuckle and look up to the heavens with rolled eyes in equal measure.
How many times have you heard someone utter the phrase “It could only happen in speedwayâ€??
One such “It could only happen in speedwayâ€? moment occurred at last week’s TLS Bears press and practice day – which went ahead despite the team’s new racejackets failing to arrive in time for the start.

Press and practice is the time when teams traditionally unveil their ‘look’ for the new season and make their first public appearance of the year.
And this year the Bears not only opened the occasion to fans but also had a team sponsor to display on their breast plates for the fist time – which made the absence of what is essentially the team uniform even more galling.
It could only happen in speedway, of course.
To be fair, the Bears management were blameless. Boss Glyn Taylor had placed an order for guaranteed delivery that morning – and I wouldn’t want to have been the person on the other end of the phone when he called to find out what the hell had gone wrong!
And, in any case, they turned up before the end and it wouldn’t have spoiled the occasion anyway.
The rain stayed away, we saw the lads together for the first time and we enjoyed watching them out on the track too.
The season starts officially when Stoke visit South Tees Motorsports Park on Thursday – but, for those of us who were there last Thursday, it’s begun already.


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