Bring it on!

I CAN almost feel that sweet smell of burning methanol wafting into my nostrils already.
Last season couldn’t have ended any better, could it?
First victory in the Young Shield to bring the first piece of national silverware to South Tees Motorsports Park, and then victory over that lot up the road in the Tyne Tees Trophy.

That heady October night at Perry Barr was a 24 carat example of what I went into this job for.
Lending Dan Giffard a red wig for the post-match celebrations, hearing the roar in the bar every time one of the victorious Bears riders arrived in the bar, drinking champagne on the coach home. Oh, and the meeting wasn’t bad either.
Then, the following night we had more to celebrate when Havvy lifted the Tyne Tees Trophy for the second year running.
But, just as it was getting really good, boo, hiss – our old enemy November passed us on the inside and whacked us round the chops with its grubby little ‘season over’ sign.
On the plus side, I haven’t needed to put The Bill on Sky Plus for the past four and a half months.
But, on the minus side, Thursdays without speedway have been like a parmo without chips.
But this Thursday it all starts again when Stoke visit STMP. At last, the long wait is over.
Bring it on!


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